Land Administration

Emergency Management

At the natural events that cause natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, landslide, fire, volcano and storm, through the an Differences Analysis, which will be done with the benefit of the oblique images taken before and after the disaster, as well as the identification and monitoring of these natural events, the inventories of damaged structures are detected much faster and automatically, and the Disaster Management Process is carried out in a much healthier manner.

3D Cadastro And Applications

Land Administration

For a successful land administration, there is a need for a good land information infrastructure included reliable cadastral information and full and up-to-date information on topographical natural and artificial environment. The land information infrastructure, which will make land management the most powerful and healthy, is obtained by 3D Cadastre data. 3D Cadastre data, which is the most powerful and healthy information infrastructure of the land management and consists of rights and liabilities and ownership data, can easily be shown on the 3D Building Models created by the oblique photogrammetry technology


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