Municipal Applications

Municipal Applications

Infrastructure Projects

Applications While the buildings are drawn by taking the roof shares into consideration, in the maps produced with standard photogrammetric methods, on the other hand, ,the ground boundaries of the buildings are needed in Infrastructure Applications. Through the visualization of the boundaries of the buildings on the photos captured by the PowerVision Camera System, It is possible digitization of these boundaries in the high position accuracy and use in infrastructure applications

Infrastructure Works

As stated in Infrastructure Law No. 3194, Development Plans are made in order to ensure that the settlements and structuring in these places are designed according to plan, science, health and environmental conditions. True determination of the current situation prior to planning is very important in terms of making decisions that will provide a healthy and long-lasting benefit. By using oblique aerial photographs, information about the planning area and its surroundings can be collected in the most detailed manner. Thus, data constituting the basis of analysis-inquiry and presentation studies prior to urban planning works can be obtained much faster and much more accurately.


The most effective issue in planning the local and intercity transportation network is to have an information related to accessibility of the transportation route and connection of transportation points with each other; Oblique photogrammetry data and the other data needed for transportation planning and management can be provided much more quickly and precisely.


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