What is Powervision ?

PowerVision is an oblique photogrammetry technology. The PowerVision, the camera system which capture images orthogonal at an angle of 90 degrees and 4 tilted directions at an angle of 45 degrees through multiple sensors placed on a flying platform , is a set of applications that allow the production of geographic data needed for the mapping activities required by all kinds of engineering services.


What is Powervision ?

• 80% forward overlap and 60% side overlap

• Capturing the 550 megapixel aerial photo in every exposure

• Nadir 150 Megapixel Resolution

• Oblique 4x100 Megapixel Resolution

• Camera equipped with IMU supported GNSS system

• 6 hours of continuous photo capturing


What is Powervision ?

Photos (GSD of 5 cm) taken from orthogonal and tilted directions are a fast, accurate and economical data source for large scale topographic map production and similar engineering projects.


What is Powervision ?

Obtaining the location data with high accuracy as height, distance, area and 3D over the oblique and vertical images. In a project, produced GSD of 5 cm, measurements given below; - 2 x GSD for length and X-Y coordinates => 10 cm - 3 x GSD for height and Z coordinates-=> 15 cm accuracy,


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